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Keeks & Lo Co. Keeks & Lo Co. is a company founded by sisters, Kennah and Londyn, who are on a mission to help girls […]



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Come be a part of our Girl Tribe as we build up to our pre-launch this fall.

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Our Fav Things

Girl to Girl

I’m one of those girls that doesn’t like to be surprised. The more prepared I am for something the less anxious I feel. My mom knows this about me so she bought me this book. Together we read it and talked about what it means for a girl growing up.

I found it helpful and maybe you will too. The suggested age is for girls 8-12 years old!

xoxo Kennah

Author: Sarah O’Leary Burningham

Illustrated By: Alli Arnold 

Mindful Kids Collection

Consulted and Authored By:

Dr. Sharie Coombes (Child & Family Psychotherapist)

If you are the type of kid that loves helpful activities like I do these are the BEST books for you! 

They give you tips and tricks for many different things you may struggle with as you continue to learn and grow. 

I have the “No Worries”, “Be Positive”, and “Hello Happy” books and I really enjoy the coping skills for feeling anxious and stressed, the techniques for feeling more confident, and different ways to help with feeling sad or angry. 

The suggested age is for kids 8 and up! You can order your collection or even individual books below!

Non-profits & Organizations

My sister and I believe that it is important to be kind, giving, servant leaders. That’s why when we first created Keeks & Lo one of our main goals was to help those in need in anyway we could. We immediately went to work and found the non-profit organizations that we wanted to support. Below you will find our favorite organizations and eventually with any profit Keeks & Lo makes we will donate a portion of our proceeds. For now, we donate as Kennah and Londyn and if you would like to donate as well you will find the links and more information to these non-profits below. 


KABOOM! works nationally to achieve playspace equity teaming up with communities to build incredible playspaces that help give every kid the chance to thrive physically, socially and emotionally. 

Kennah and I love to play outside and are so thankful to have had amazing playgrounds in our neighborhoods. We want ALL children to have that same chance to play in safe and fun spaces. If you would like to learn more or donate to KABOOM! click below!


Londyn and I feel very lucky to be able to receive the type of education we receive through our homeschool platform. We realize that many kids do not get the individual attention and curriculums built specifically for them to thrive and succeed. We want ALL kids to have these similar opportunities and for no child to be left behind. 

One of the programs funded through the CDF is called Freedom Schools. Through this program kids get the chance to excel and believe in their ability to make a difference in themselves and in their families, schools, communities, country, and world with hope, education and action. If you would like to learn more about this program and other programs that are a part of the CDF or would like to donate click below!