About Us

Keeks & Lo Co.

Keeks & Lo Co. is a company founded by sisters, Kennah and Londyn, who are on a mission to help girls recognize their awesomeness!

Keeks & Lo Co. plain and simply, represents girls who are bold and confident but loving and kind. It’s about finding and embracing your inner girl and accepting that, no matter the differences, you absolutely rock!
While we know you are all special in your own unique way, it’s not always easy finding and accepting those things that make you who you are. That’s what Keeks & Lo is for! We hope that when you join our family, you also join our mission and support other girls while they find what makes them truly one of a kind!

Our Team



aka Kiki or Keeks

Kennah is all about girl power and although she can be shy and quiet, she’s one of the nicest people you will meet. She is also the brains behind the operation and comes up with a majority of the Keeks & Lo Co. ideas!

Always being in the 90th percentile for height, she recognized early on that she’s way taller than most girls her age. The benefit to that? Helping all of her friends when they need to get something off of the top shelf of course! πŸ™‚

Kennah has a passion for fashion and she loves getting dressed up BUT, she also has an athletic side and equally likes wearing athletic clothes.

Her favorite piece of makeup is eyeshadow because it allows her to express herself the most and she never leaves home without her favorite bag!

Kennah is so excited to meet you so be sure to go follow her on her instagram account and say hi!




aka Lolo or Lo

Londyn is all about being fierce and bold and can light up a room with her giggles and humor. She is also the first friend you will have at Keeks & Lo Co. because she genuinely loves and sees the good in everyone she meets!

Very early on, Londyn recognized that her curls are a lot different than most people she knows. This bothered her because it made her different but she quickly understood it as a benefit and now her curls are her favorite part about her! πŸ™‚

Londyn is a fashion guru and loves all things fancy. Most days you will catch her in her favorite thing to wear which is a cute dress and “kid high heels”.

Her must have makeup item is lip gloss because it makes her lips shiny and glossy and she never leaves home without a headband on her curly head!

Londyn is pumped up to meet you so don’t miss out on saying hey and following her on her instagram account!